D a lot of new experience

we had a busy week. we went to the beach at saturday, that was a lot of fun. Sunday we were shopping for new collars, and the people working in the shop were so exited that we visited them.sunday we also got raw turkey necks for the first time, that was so yummy. monday afternoon there was a lady to visit us, and she poked us in the neck with a syringe, that dit hurt a liltte, but we vere comfordet a lot afterworts som it was ok. in the evening we went to terrier cursing, there was a lot of funny looking dogs, they didt look like us at all, but they were nice to us and there was a lot of people to pet us. tuesday we stayed at home to get a lillte rest. wednesday we went to terrier traning and met some other poppies, they looked so funny, they were white and brown. again there was a lot of friendly people there.